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Comment if you want to be added.

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hey sabrina its jerilyn from ygbb^^ love the garden state banner u have =O
Hey Jerilyn!
Thx. <3 Garden State.
I was just staring @ your avatar on YGBB. lol YB's such a cutie.
Hello it's gse from YGBB!
I'm really in love with your LJ. It's so.. geometrical LOL <333 add me yeah? And we can talk about Big Bang because they're so much luff <3
Hey gse!
Aww thx. lol geometrical?
Added you. And I <3 to have more people to talk about Big bang with. =P
Hey, This is Mithra from YGBB. Mind if I add you?
Hi Mithra!
Nope don't mind at all. Added ya too. =)
Hi there.
Anne here from YGBB.

I just felt like I wanted to get to know fellow BB-ers in LJ.

I'm adding you, you don't mind right?

I haven't done any BB rants in my LJ yet cuz I'm on hiatus but I will do so soon.
Don't mind at all. =)
Ehm, hi there. ~~~ヾ(^∇^) I found you from the LJ thread @ YGBB. So... I wonder if I may add you? ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
Sure add away. =)I'll add ya as well.
I came over from the Kristen Bell friending meme and was hoping we could be friends. I love your Garden State header, I'm a big fan as well.
I love new friends.
Thx. Love your KB layout too. =)


November 7 2007, 12:12:23 UTC 10 years ago

tis is so cutee
Hey Sabrina! It's Tiffany (t.yama from Soompi and YGBB) Haven't talked to you in so long. How are ya?
Hi, Tiffany! I've been good. How about you?
Hello there! I'm ianne from YGBB (I don't post there a lot, so I don't think you see me around LOL) and I <3 Big Bang =) Do you mind if I add you?
Hi Ianne! Course I don't mind.

BTW we've been on msn together before w/ Jerilyn, Monica, and other VIPs. I recognize your username from soompi. rawesome right?

You can call me Sabrina or brina. =)
Hello! *waves* I got referred to you by juljul9 :) I recently listened to Big Bang's song "With You" and would like to listen to more of their songs before buying their CDs. Do you have any recs? I don't listen to Korean pop often, except for Bi, some BoA, and random songs off dorama OST that I like ^o^ Thank you very much beforehand!!
Well my favs are Lie, Always, Babo(Fool), Last Farewell, La La La, Goodbye Baby, I Don't Understand, Oh Ma Baby, A Fool's Tears. Uh there's lots, but I'm a bias BB fan. lol Their mini albums are really good though, Always and Hot Issue.
Also you should have a listen to Tae Yang's (of Big Bang) 1st solo mini album. Really good music as well. =)

Tae Yang - Only Look At Me MV  

Tae Yang - Prayer MV ft Teddy

add mee please !

i`m from YGBB !
hey, i saw ur post in YGBB so im interested in adding u as a fren ^_^
say yes?
Sure. =)

hi sabrinaaa!!
Hey Yvonne! lol
Hey bb, random question but is your header from a particular movie? If so, what? Or is it a manip? I never knew natalie and zach were in a movie together!

Also, add? I'm from OBS!
It's from Garden State. It came out in 2004.

Sure. If you're from OBS you are a-ok with me. lol

Suspended comment

I guess not.

What icons are you talking about? lol
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